My Superpower

This is where I tell you why I wanted to be a photographer…. where I explain how I became one…. and why it is one of my passions. The truth is I have always enjoyed photography. I started with my uncle, he worked at a camera shop downtown when I was younger, I remember spending an afternoon with him there and seeing all of the equipment, it was fascinating. He took amazing photos (even of the stars!) and I knew I wanted to be talented like him. Then, for my 16th birthday, I received an old second hand Chinon. It had a light meter and ate film as fast as I could load it. I took pictures of everything, but my favorite things to photograph were the tiny things that nobody else saw. Like the patterns in the stone on a sidewalk, tiny print on the side of a fire hydrant, or the wisps on dandelions half blown away. I loved spending hours in the dark room at Clark College to develop film and prints.

And then my children were born and my passion took on a whole new exciting path! I LOVE TAKING PICTURES OF CHILDREN! My children, my nieces and nephews, friends, all of them. I love their expressions and tiny features. I love how they play and get so excited over all the tiny things everybody else would pass by….

They brought me back to the tiny details that I love so much.

And as I captured those moments of discovery, day after day, my children would change. Each time, a different experience and each day they grew older. As time passed I could not see the changes until I looked back at the photos from the years before, or even MONTHS before, and I would see the minor, and major, differences.

The more I fought to keep them little…. the faster they grew.

It was then that I realized that their rapid growth and inevitable exit from childhood could not be stopped….. but it can be frozen! I can catch that glimmer of childhood with my camera. I will forever be able to see their sweet toothless grins, the puddle jumping in the rain, and those last baby locks of hair. I capture those moments. Forever.